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Contacting atom tickets support or customer service

atom tickets customer support and customer service can be contacted via phone, email, and chat. Like most companies, atom tickets uses Call centers manned by agents to answer their customer inquiries. These call centers are located throughout the US and in many cases also India, the Philippines, and other foreign countries. atom tickets customer support agents receive basic training to support atom tickets products and services, and have access to customer information, purchase history, and prior customer support inquiries.

In order to answer customer inquiries, atom tickets support agents have templated and scripted answers to common questions. If atom tickets agents do not know how to answer specific customer questions, they usually consult a supervisor who received further training.

Since atom tickets can hire a limited number of support agents in any given time, often customers have to wait on hold until one of the agent is available to take their call. To handle surges in incoming customer support calls, atom tickets uses Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR’s) to handle large volume of incoming customer calls. That is one of the reasons why often customers need to wait on hold and talk to automated systems before speaking to a human representative.

How is getting help from 6YA different from atom tickets?

6YA is a service that connects users who need technical or repair help with a professional Expert over the phone or video. All 6YA Experts have real repair experience and are located throughout the US. The idea behind 6YA is to connect consumers at need with a real technician who is getting paid to take their call. Unlike atom tickets, 6YA Experts are independent contractors who do not have any access to atom tickets customer information or purchases.

While 6YA Experts can provide effective help on any atom tickets product or service, they do not have access to your atom tickets account and can’t assist with billing, or any non technical issue you have with atom tickets.

Since 6YA is using a proprietary technology that’s connecting you to Experts in seconds, you will never be placed on hold or talk to virtual response systems. We believe that 6YA Experts can provide professional and unbiased help, which will often be more effective than the scripted and templated answers from atom tickets agents.

What is 6YA’s relationship with atom tickets?

6YA and atom tickets are not related. While 6YA Experts can provide help and support on most atom tickets products and services, the two companies are not related. 6YA was created because we believe that in many cases, real professionals with years of hands on experience fixing and resolving technical issues can provide better help than call center agents that use virtual answering services and scripted responses.

6YA is able to connect you to a repair Expert in seconds through the robust technology it created. We use several algorithms to identify the best Expert who can assist with your particular issue, get them on the phone, and then connect you so you are never placed on hold. We strongly believe that customers who encounter technical challenges or issues operating their products should not endure more stress and friction before getting help. On the other hand, there are so many professional repairmen with decades of experience who can help so many customers such as yourself and generate extra cash along the way.

Our mission is to help people solve everyday problems by using technology to simplify our lives rather than add more friction.

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9 atom tickets Experts are online
9 atom tickets Experts are online
9 atom tickets Experts are online
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