Chris I purchased a $50 Google play card in Covington Georgia at a CVS pharmacy I have the receipts showing it was activated paid for in full and the last four digits of the card number is 2900 the register number at CVS was number 03 the transaction number was number 0139, the cashier was number 185-2083 and the store number is number 4695. This is located at 4183 Highway 278 in Covington Georgia 30014. Your phone number is 770-385–5282. I took this card immediately off the display Google play card scratch the security code 4 digits times five sections photographed this and sent it to my girlfriend in Baltimore Maryland. She is telling meThis card is showing is already redeemed. I want to know what we can do about this? I have been purchasing and using Google play cards for the past 12 months and this makes the second card in roughly the past 60 days that I’ve had a problem with out of all the cards that I purchased. Both cards came from the same location the one today and one roughly about two weeks ago. Please do not tell me that I need to move my business Amazon. I will now wait on your answer

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21 Aug, 2020

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