Hello, Chris. Hi why is consulting with you and then I lost you and couldn’t get back. My address presently is 555 Lakeridge Rd., Grenada MS 38901. Originally, many, many years ago, the name given the road was Files Rd., which is now obsolete, of course. Yet for some reason when I am making an order, etc., The computer will automatically change my address back to the original, which the post office does not accept and it sends my packages and mail back. The USPS says it cannot make the change nor can our emergency system 911. The trail seems to lead back to google maps, where it may have been first entered and was never changed. It even comes up wrong on many GPS programs. Can you please help get this fixed. Sometimes it is very serious and always very troublesome. Thank you. Norma Hubbard

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21 Aug, 2020

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