I used to have an Uber account where I drove for Uber Eats I have recently been suspended due to something to do with my background I called on the help phone number from the app and I keep getting some guy that doesn't even speak English and I changed my password for one and as soon as I did somebody hacked my account from somewhere in Bellflower I called today to talk to Uber help and the guy was rude and hung up on me would not even try to assist me without me giving him all kinds of information over the phone this is the third time that I have been hacked through the Uber app and they have gotten my bank account information I am trying to delete my Uber account to prevent any further Financial loss it is a huge huge inconvenience dealing with my bank because somebody is hacking me through Uber could I please talk to somebody in person that can convince me they are with Uber and can fix my problem if not I will seek an attorney and take legal action against you

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21 Aug, 2020

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