I noticed on my card statement that you have on file for when I use Uber that there has been a charge of USD9.99 every second of every month, which I have not signed up with any subscription because you do not require one you just charge for the ride. So number one please refund immediately. All the months that you have been charging me that USD9.99 charge and stop charging that as well. My email address is larryharris0438@gMAIL.com and my phone number is 224-531-8838 I have to use voice texting and it does not always recognize my voice. I have Parkinson's disease typing is nearly impossible. So the bottom line is a refund of all of those USD9.99 charges that are coming through on the second of every month and no further additional charges of that nature to occur at all. Laurence Harris, Atty. at Law

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21 Aug, 2020

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