I applied for a job in Edgewood, MD plus I applied for a job in Baltimore, MD which ended up being what I was looking for. I got the job in Edgewood was to start on 8/19 then the job in Baltimore came through so I called you guys on Tuesday to let you know I didn't want the Edgewood job I wanted the Baltimore job the guy said he closed the job in Edgewood. Then I get my email for my start date in Baltimore which is 8/23 at 10 pm so I finally got into my knet to finish my paper work before I start the lady helped me get in to change my password finally got to start my Knet .I started then I had a doctor's appointment so when I came back to log in I couldn't I just don't understand why I can't get any answers because I called ahead of time to not go to the Edgewood job and I have my start date email so why can't get any answers for this

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21 Aug, 2020

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