I booked an airbnb location in Augusta GA from August 17 to 20 it was "Walk to Downtown" hosted by Yuri. When we arrived there we did not feel safe as there were 2 men laying on the porch of a house 2 doors down with backpacks and a cardborad box and they were watching us. we did not get out of the car. I called my daughter and she said to just leave and she would call Airbnb to let them know. She did call them. I am 78 years old and have never used airbnb before. They told her that she would receive a phone call regarding this but she did not. On the 18th I received a message from the host Yuri asking if check in went well. I replied that we did not check in. I thought Airbnb would contact her letting her know we did not check in. Last night I received an email asking for a review of her place and our stay. I was in Augusta with another daughter and my granddaughter who was undergoing testing at Augusta University Research Hospital. At the time we arrived at the Airbnb we were very tired from travel early in the morning and the long day of testing and we needed a place for my granddaughter to be. I am having difficulty navigating this and have not been able to speak with anyone on the phone which would be easier for me. My daughter who called in my complaint did speak with someone on Monday. Can you guide me through this?

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21 Aug, 2020

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