Hi Chris, I have been doing Lyft for nearly 3 years on and off. Every year I get a background check and my driving privileges are put on hold. Usually in less than 5 days I a. Clear and back in action. But this year due to the virus it has been almost a month now. And I need to get on the road again. I keep getting the same old BS answer from Checkr that my background check is in the final stage of completion, but I have gotten the same BS answers for 3 weeks. I ask for a waiver to be able to continue as I know of Employees in companies that do annual checks but their jobs are not put on hold.It's been nearly a month since my background check was started. I am asking for a waiver to be able to continue my driving with Lyft. If I had the slightest doubt I would not Clear a background check free of any disqualifying factors, I would not not be going to so much trouble to get a waiver to continue my driving while the background check works its way through

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21 Aug, 2020

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