Good day Chris. An old man here so be pateint. I do not rember logging out of my Google Accout. I don't do that. However, when I started up that is what appears to have happened. The sigan in took me a minute to pull together. Double verfication was something new to me. I recieve a check saying that a sign in from a new divice was it ok. I didn't think quick enough....but it wasn't a new divice it was my normal lap top. When I got in and started up...the screeen was a little different. Gmail is all good and working the same. I will adjust to the update. Here is my these day of online "stuff" I'm cheking to be sure no bad player around my account. So, Chris, is this fall within normal? Do I have anything to be concerned about? Are the Russisan coming? (joke) Please advise.

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21 Aug, 2020

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