You have just sent me YET AGAIN to you “tech expert” who I can not click on because I refuse to click below on one of your payment schemes. I demand someone call me at this point. I am done. I am so fed up and someone needs to call me. I know the folks at Wells Fargo who invested in your company and thought it was brilliant. I doubt they understand the scam that is your “customer support”. Absolutely EVERY link you have sent me brings me to the same “expert click here”....but I won’t because it is a subscription fee for support. And again, when you take me there - I can not get back. So please read all these strings...if you are able and not a bot...I need someone to actually S P E A K with me or T Y P E real time. As soon as I send this I see the “texting bubbles” on your end. Which means you are not reading it...only making someone who is not educated or sophisticated think you are reading and responding to the question. Stop finding KEY WORDS to try to get my answers. My need is very clear:

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21 Aug, 2020

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