My Venmo account was charged $600 with no explanation in anyway I did not owe any money I don’t really need to use Venmo that much because I’ve had something like this happen before I would like to because I own a business and it would be so convenient for people to just Venmo me money but after this fraudulent charge it seems like Security is easily broken through either that or this hacker was good the only thing that bothers me or concerns me is if they were that good why didn’t they take way more I own a business they could’ve took what they wanted but please help me my phone number is 360-751-3674 My name is Justin Chavez and keep in mind this may not be the information that pulls up my account because the hacker was able to change a lot of my info without me knowing it or noticing it but I know one thing that helps is when I go into my account and it says my last transaction Was the $600 by a fraudulent person that I actually know and I just need to know whether I need to call the police or what I need to do to get my money back my birthday was on August 16 and I got bills but most that money was my birthday money and unfortunately my grandma died right before my birthday so it means the world to me Once again please contact me back I prefer to talk by phone because I’m a very busy person I run a business and it’s a business that has to do with blood-borne pathogen’s so I can’t touch my phone as I will

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21 Aug, 2020

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