I am exceptionally frustrated by the lack of real customer service. My sons card worked this morning. This afternoon when he went to make another purchase it said the card was off. No one turned it off...and now I can not get it on. I click TURN ON and it says I need to talk to customer support. But when you respond to me you send me to someone I have to pay for monthly and I am not going to do this. And add to this, I can not get back to you when you send me there. The whole thing is ridiculous. I still can not get my daughters activated as you prompt for her cell phone number. She does not have one and I clicked that box. I put my cell phone number down and you rejected it...because the number was already used. Yes, it’s used for my son’s account. I would like to get both TURNED ON....they don’t ever need to be turned off...WITHOUT having to pay for the privilege. Please DO NOT send me to the link that I click CONTINUE. I did that all morning (or perhaps it is a button that says CONNECT). Either way it is not how to resolve this. I need to speak with a real person, real time, who will fix this and not send me yet again on a fools errand to a prompt that makes me pay for a monthly service. I have already paid you per card...and now it is my money, my kids card and I need them turned on...Please help. Beth Ketcham. 1 312 927-3743

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21 Aug, 2020

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