I'm have a real problem with my daughter who has did my edd employment for me she had made an account checking and savings .She has all my info everypeice of my ID numbers my ssi number and all my info for me edd card and she has the bank emailing she made me a new email and put her number So they will alert her when my money gets their it's been like it's been about 2 or 3 months now since she filed my papers I need to know if I have had any kind of bank deposited I tol her she could open the account to have some grant from the government she said she was getting but she said it didnt go thru.I found mail in her room from B of A that said there were closeing the account she said ya because I never used the account I didnt know BofA approved the account It also said that the BofA may be also getting ahold of me about my couple other account that I have with them I would like to get the email she made for my edd dept card with her phone number on it changed I can not get ahold of edd employment been trying till I know I never will Also I want to know about is do I have any other accounts at BofA an if theres been any active things deposited .The email sh made me is qunniolfernandez@yahoo .com she says she doesn't remember the pass word I have only the email if she didnt lie about that I'm upset she had no right butting my money in her hands I dont know help please my number is 9165592327 Qunniola Fernandez is my name my ssi number is 573495135 I need to know it's my money not hers I dont no nothing else

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20 Aug, 2020

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