I need a new device to be sent to me immediately! I am getting NOWHERE speaking to customer service people working from home!! I purchased an $800 Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 2 months ago online and I have had nothing but problems I cant receive calls it doesnt even ring on my end...if it does happen to ring rite when I answer it either hangs up or I can hear them but they cant hear me...This phone was $800 and I cant even use it! I have spoken to customer service on many occasions in which they said they were making notations on my account (which obviously they didnt) so I have to continue to explain the problem a million times to a million different people and I'm FURIOUS at this point and I will be canceling my service and my daughters if this is not resolved TODAY! I NEED A NEW DEVICE SENT TO ME TODAY!!!

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20 Aug, 2020

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