hi Chris I need help my phone is being hacked and this hacker keeps on harassing me he's a family member he is my sister's son and it keeps on tampering with everything I do on my phone he's been violating the law for identity theft and fraud going into my contacts going into their account perk making purchases all the purchases I've been done this year has not been done by me it's all of them things I hand I do not own or use it iPhone and everything comes out like if I'm using a high phone also he's been using domains and changing landscape everything he's doing all of fraud been doing he's been doing them under my information I need him off my phone since using my service without my permission and you just causing problems for me for me and he doesn't know what to stop and he just keeps on since last year he's been doing this I've been complaining and I have heard nothing from Google he's been tampering with everything I do my mail haven't even received because he sent it up to go up for online I do not own her use a computer everything has been done on my phone with a computer is not my doing

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20 Aug, 2020

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