I am having some issues from resolution center. I returned items and the one case I had was denied. Which the product was returned and found out. Also that company you are aware that it is a rip off because you go to pay pal jaidi Ltd and it comes up. As your aware of it. It shows item as cutting branches. When it a cheap pair of scissors that fit in your hand. Found out the same company with another item I returned because of same reason. Now I’m afraid because every time I try to add to complaint it wants a website I don’t have you all have that information. So then because I don’t have that I can’t add to anything . I have receipts being returned. And it shows both the cases are the same company when I returned them they had same address but different company. I’m retired and don’t have money to throw away. These websites are very deceiving and if they are bad idk why you do business with them so Americans get ripped off. Case number pp-d- 60977606 and pp-d-69078040 were returned. And we need to know if these companies are in China because obviously they are ripping us off. And also case pp-d- 69079297 items returned

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20 Aug, 2020

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