My name is Vicki D'Annunzio.(206 852-9919) My husband, Mike D'Annunzio (206 478-3683) has my phone as a second user line. We are attempting to port my phone number over to T-Mobile (where I have opened my own account). Mike is keeping his phone with Google Fi. I am trying to get a transfer code or an account number and a pin code to get my phone transfered over. My phone number has been deactivated by T-mobile or Google Fi but anyway, the codes can not be sent to my phone. However you can send them to my husband's phone 206 478-3683 or email me ( or Mike ( or if you prefer to contact T-mobile I have a direct number : 1 877 423-6629. I have been on the phone with them for many hours and if you identify me with my phone number I am sure they will have notes. :-) I am sorry for the hassle and sorry I am leaving you but please help me. My phone number is associated with my other accounts and I am lost without it.. Thank you so much, Vicki

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20 Aug, 2020

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