I just bought a 2017 lexus es300h at lexus of fremont with 36,000 miles in the car. After driving it home I notice that the car was missing the first aid kit and the cargo netting in the back. So I emailed and called the salesman who sold the car to us and told him these two items were missing. He told me it was a used car and he can't do anything about it. He also said you looked at the car didn't you so that's your fault. he was very dishonest and very arrogant. I'm a senior citizen of 70 years of age. In addition he was also charging me and my wife $189 for nitrogen which is air in the tires. that was already a red flag and I should have walked away and go to another dealer. I am very upset and angry because this sales person should not be allowed to sell the Lexus brand. This is the fourth Lexus car I have bought for me and one of my daughter. People like Tim Anwar sales person at Lexus of Fremont gives a bad name to the Lexus brand. In addition, I was asking him about the PCS system Pre collision system and he doesn't have a clue.

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20 Aug, 2020

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