Hello my name is Chira and my phone was stolen 6/7 weeks ago. I'm trying to recover my emena2024@gmail.com but it only gives me the options to send a code to the devices I no longer have. I REALLY NEED TO GET MY EMAIL BC IT HAS important documents that i MUST GET DUE TO GOVERNMENT DEADLINES. My I'd was stolen with my phone and i have all the pictures i need in a previous email sent to another GOVERNMENT agency that i must send to another and MUST RETRIEVE IT. I HAVE THE RIGHT EMAIL AND PASSWORD BUT IT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THIS DEVICE I AM USING SO IT WONT LET ME GET PAST THE SIGN IN PART I NEED UR HELP ASAP PLZ. WHILE I HAVE WIFI ATM, PLZ/TY

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19 Aug, 2020

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