My pixel 4XL was acting weird stayed at 50% no matter what for over a month out of nowhere I wasn't worried about it because I expected to be able to pay the fee for an insurance claim however the employee lied to my mother and did not apply the insurance to any of our phones both of their phones work and I've been enjoying the pixel series since the begining however I do not have the 800 to pay AT&T to upgrade I'm using a cheap basic phone to type this and explain my entire issue in 1 message so my problem can better be solved I don't have 45 days or longer to wait for insurance to be applied when we have been getting charged 15 per phone for 4 phones since we ordered the phones from my mom's gold credit with AT&T from having internet with them for so long please respond as soon as possible I'm not trying to make a big fuss and go to court over a small claims lawsuit or anything like that no plain and simple y'all need feedback about your products and I've been using your pixels and every 1 of them had a battery issue I truly believed was my fault I discovered it was indeed not my fault whenever I had issues with the 4 XL it was defected straight outta the box i had to use speaker for my calls or a Bluetooth ear piece I get the XL of every pixel not always the 1 with the most memory but this time I did and now that pixel will not charge at all anymore and I can't find it glad I took the case off but I have tempered glass on the screen the phone is still in physically mint condition so as I said this is not my fault I have done everything I can to take care of the device

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19 Aug, 2020

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