I am Dave Halverstadt. It would be most helpful if I could speak wot you on the phone but if that is not possible I wanted to let you know what my situation is via zoom: I have a Brandman University University zoom account because I teach graduate college courses on line and of course we use zoom to do classrooms and have office hours for students weekly. I can only use this zoom account to have the record in the cloud to record and shrew my zoom workshops and lectures with students. I also have a free zoom account but that is not so helpful because I have a 40 minute limit on an zoom meeting. I need to sign up for the 14.99 zoom account because it has a 24 hour duration for meetings and I hope it would allow me to record in the cloud to share zoom recordings. I need to do this asap because I am scheduled to give a zoon workshop to 60 seniors on 8/24 on how to use zoom. Just the basics and my free zoom account will not accommodate this type of workshop. So I need your help in deciding whether I should go with the 14.99 per month opr the 19.99 per month option. I anticipate I will be asked to do more and more workshops as I go along. If possible after you have read this e amil please call em at 360 791 1526. Thanks for your help in advance Eddie. If I could hear from you today that would be great. One more question that I just remembered: if I sign up for one of the paid zoom accounts, does that automatically delete my free zoom account or do I have to do that first? Dave Halverstaqdt

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19 Aug, 2020

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