Hi Chris, I’ve been home for the last several months because of the virus.....Yesterday, my 2 sisters and I decided it was time to meet and get lunch.. Brave of us!!!!! One of our favorite places to eat is your place. Unfortunately, the 3 of us were shocked over the quality of the food! We each ordered a bowl.- two chicken and one vegetarian. Something was wrong.. Each of our meals- had a ton of SALT in it... Either the person fixing the meal- forgot the amounts to put in or not sure if that is what your recipe is. The 3 meals were awful. One of my sisters has very high blood pressure- and food with so much salt- is clearly not good for her. We had walked way to far to find a place to sit and eat outdoors. Clearly we had no idea our Chipotle meals would taste like that. What do you think might have happened? As it was, we thought we were taking a chance going into your place and ordering our food.- people not 6 feet apart.... Chris, I’d appreciate a response as to whether someone had a heavy hand with the salt or is it your recipe to have so much salt added to each bowl... Thanks in advance, Jennie Zletz, 646 456- 1776. Chipotle.- 275 Greenwich St. NY NY.. order number 175... My email: jenazzle@aol.com.

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19 Aug, 2020

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