I purchased a toaster oven for $99. I never received the item. I contacted UPS and the seller because they said they delivered it and my husband was there all day. No package was delivered to our address. UPS stated that the seller put a different address on the package and that it was delivered at a different address. I only have one address on my account with ebay I have not changed any of that and I never gave that address to these seller. These seller would never respond to me I contacted ebay to step in. ebay just answered me and said that the seller told them it was delivered. I checked the address that it was supposedly delivered to that same very day and it was not delivered to them either. These seller has lied to eBay and has cause me harm of $99 and spending time trying to get this fixed. Ebay says that it was delivered but they are not seeing that it was delivered incorrectly by the seller if it was even delivered to that address. I am elderly and this is causing my great physical hardship also

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19 Aug, 2020

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