A fraudulent charge used by a computer scammer under the name of Winservices. Winservices hacked my computer because a man who called himself Bon Allen somehow licked my computer with a screen that said to. All Microsoft Windows and he would unlock my computer. I trusted him and should not have. He said I needed to pay him $30 to unlock the computer and came up with this PayPal account with tge last four digits of a Debit card that had been cancelled so I gave PayPal the new Debit card number. My band is Charlotte I. Bell. The $30 debit is still pending ijn my Bank Account abc I gave cancelled the debut card. Webroot us my virus protector and they now have my computer for analysis. They said this is a well known scam. My bank said they had two instances if this fraud this month. Microsoft has no Windows Services and they never call or ask anyone to call them.

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19 Aug, 2020

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