I ordered a sideboard on 7/21/20. I love the sideboard based on pix. I ordered on 7/21 and they told Alex Tooth my Wayfair TRP that it shipped on 7/23 and I would have it here in Colorado by or on 8/4/20. I repeated expedited and was told it shipped on 7/23. When I asked for tracking number, I was told by Fed Ex that it was loaded on a trailer on 7/27. FOUR days later. On top of that, the label was damaged so it actually shipped on August 4, TWO weeks later, the day that it was supper to be here. At the time I placed the order I stressed that it had to be here on August 4, as we leave for our Texas home on August 5. I had to hire a house sitter to be here on August 7 to receive the goods and had to pay her $50.

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19 Aug, 2020

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