Well bud. I was in need of medical transport this morning paid for by my insurance company. The driver pulled up to the wrong building, I saw him and flagged him down as well as I was on the phone with him at the time. I asked if he saw me wave him down and he said yes I will be over there. I grabbed my things for the doctor and he took off without giving me a ride to my doctor's office. I have just suffered a broken back as well as a concussion. When I called him and asked him where he was going he said he had to leave. I replied that it was a medical transport and that I needed it. He and I quote said" that's not my problem" and hung up. His phone number is 415 881 1492 his name is mykola and not only did I miss my follow up from the ER I had to pay $30 just to pick up medications. He was rude, and in the completely wrong place. If I suffer a seizure due to improper care/concussion, you will be hearing from my attorneys office. Bradley Dwarkin

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18 Aug, 2020

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