mnynamw m my name is kit i bou ght a card about a year or more ago if you look at my acct it was for parts for a 2004 suzuki gsx 1300r ecu and a set of ign & keys g totaling about 250.00 or 300.00 ( sorry for being computer stupid) LOLOLOLOL ( TRUTH) SO WHAT THE HELL DO I DO I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO BUY THE PARTS MOSTLY IM ON MY NEIGHBORS COMPUTER GARY PETERSON BUT MY NAME VERNON T DARRAH ( KIT ) EVEN IF I NEED TO SEND MORE MONEY ( OK) HAVENT RIDEN FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS AND ( ITS A BAD ASS MACHINE chris you can e mail back to me through gary ( this comp num ) so either money back or parts thank you very much kit.

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19 Jan, 2021

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