Good morning! I ordered a Lyft this morning to be picked up from work. The first driver that arrived is the lady that im making complaint about and I would like to request a refund because I did not take the ride. The Lyft driver in the Mitsubishi vehicle upon her arrival was very rude due to the fact that i had a soda pop drink in my hand upon trying to get into the vehicle. The first thing that she stated to me was your drink goes up here. I need your drink up here stating in her cup holder in front seat of vehicle. I proceeded to ask in a calm manner why do I have to give you my drink. She stated very rudely that I dont allow no damn drinks in my car. I asked her who she was she talking too like that. She states you know what call for another ride. I said that's fine. I would like a refund or a credit because I did nothing wrong to this lady. I do not know if she was having a bad morning or not but I feel as if this was unnecessary to speak to me in that manner. Also upon her leaving she drives off recklessly leaving out of the parking lot. I am employed at a nursing facility this was so uncaused for. I could not find how to dispute the charge so I cancelled it. I was still charged for a ride that I did not receive as well as a cancellation fee that i feel I shouldn't have to pay for due to the fact that this driver was very disrespectful and all this was unnecessary. Can someone please assist me with this. I take Lyft rides quite often from work and this was by far the worst experience that i have ever berm through while riding with Lyft. I have never experienced this woth any of your other drivers. I feel that this lady needs an attitude adjustment and learn to be more respectful to the riders. Im wondering am I the first customer that has experienced this with her. She does not need to be driving for Lyft because she is not a people person and is very disrespectful and that makes bad business for Lyft. Can someone please help me..

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08 Dec, 2020

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