Hi my name in Norberto Iriza , I’m 68 years old on December 24. 2020, I was park with my car Parket in front Publix supermarket. When I driver lift. With a pasa anger , hit my car. On the passenger side braking my electric side mirror. Hitting and my window and pasa get tail light. The driver. Ms Maria Serpa. Her car a Black Honda Accord. Tag number GZQU91. Live in lake work fl, 1802 15th av lake work zip 33460. She gave me a policí number that company is a star casualty insurance with a policí number 000042 571 02., and they gave me a claim number to then call me and telling me , that driver María Montalbo. Was driving driving a passenger with Lift service and that they don’t pay me and gave me a number with TRAVELER. And ask me to call this number 8609547767, and ask for LAna Shaffer. Or 18002386225. I did. And they don’t have a record of the case. Please and driving with hanging mirror hang ion window. Since December can you give a case number. My fhone number is. 786 319 71 66, My name again norberto iriza

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20 Jan, 2021

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