I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota SXT now they intermediate wiper and the interior light Andy night time running lights and the dimmer switch quit working so I put in a new headlight switch that controls a lot of things it worked all right for about 3 days then it stopped the interior light will not work the night time running lights will not work and they headlight switch will not work the headlight switch controls multiple things anyway I figured that it had burned up and I would get one later sometimes I can go out there and everything is working properly the headlight switch will work the dimmer switch will work the night time running lights will work but then a few minutes later it all quits again is there a relay for that somewhere or is my alternator overcharging kicking a relay out or what what caused the switch as I thought it was burned up it is not burned up what could be the problem yesterday I put two new headlight bulbs in and I hooked the battery backup when I did the night time running lights were working the headlight switch was working the intermediate wiper was working the interior light was working then about 20 minutes later it all quit again own a 2002 Dodge Dakota

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18 Jan, 2021

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