I have a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica. It starts and runs fine. But I can't put it in gear. The wipers don't work. The radio and AC/heater don't work. Windows don't work. Horn don't work. Head lights don't work. All lights on dashboard are lit up. I can turn the key in the ignition and hold it in place while it's running, and then I can take it out of park and drive it. But none of the electronics work. If I turn the key in the ignition while it is started like I'm going to start it again and hold the key in place, the head lights come on. But all other electronics still don't work. Once I let go of the key while it's started it goes back to all the electronics not working, head lights go back off, and the shifter is stuck in park.

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16 Jan, 2021

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