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Elm Grove, WI
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“Very helpful and very knowledgeable on all that I requested. He also talked to me in what I call language that we all know, layman's terms to help describe things that makes it easy for everyone to understand. I know a lot of people on the other line that are in this type of field with auto repair are supposedly to help you from my experience and feedback, and not to make you feel stupid. I think a lot of people get intimidated, But this person is what we all want as a service person that can help us with our issues and be straightforward and generally wanting to help. 11 out of 10 STARS! Very impressed”
- Mike
Long Beach, MS
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USMC Veteran. 50+ Years Experience Begining with 10 years as a Senior Instrumentation Technician with our NASA Space Program, worked on Saturn S1B, Saturn SII and Space Shuttle Main Engines. Three Years in Libya North Africa Oil Fields as a Senior Instrument Maintenance Specialist. Ten Years at General Motors Proving Grounds as a Senior Field Engineering Associate. Certified ASI Master Mechanic. Fourteen Years Casino Experience Installing Electronic Gaming Devices. 50+ years experience with Home Electrical wiring and Circuits, Home Appliance Repair, Certified ASE Auto Mechanic Gasoline EngineTroubleshooting and repair, Small Engine Repair Including Lawn Equipment, Edgers, Weed Whips, Hedge Trimmers and Electric Power Tools.
Cape Canaveral, FL
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“The app wasn't working too well and he couldn't hear me. however he was nice enough to get my cell number and call me right back and we chatted for 20 min about the issue. He gave good advice and offered to call around and see if anyone else had any ideas but I'm still stranded without a running vehicle.”
- Loren
Deer Park, NY
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approx., . 40 yrs auto mechanics (esp. vehicles pre 2000) Martial Arts and Fitness; weight management 50yrs. Home Improvements and construction 35yrs.+ Pet general care and health issues 45 yrs.
Mc Caysville, GA
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I have been in business for 16+ years with certifications in most makes and models. I currently operate a garage that covers pretty much every aspect of diagnostics and auto repair
Las Vegas, NV
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I know a lil about a lot and alot about having little so i have answer and it could be smart, LoL .... automotive & cell phones are my strong-suit with wiring as my specialty! Hmu we'll figure it out!!
Linville, NC
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Come check me out on Facebook at dependable security Solutions.
Townville, SC
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A.S.E. Certified Master Technician and Advanced Level Specialist.I have over 27 Years experience in the Automotive industry.I actually enjoy what almost all Auto mechanics hate and that would be diagnostics.This is the beginning of an auto repair 100% of the time.Some even so pig headed that they just start working on a vehicle with an assumption.No diagnostic work has been performed because we have people who are careless. But in all Honesty I am the guy you need before you have to go to the Dealership.Because everyone else just could not place there finger on whatever it was that had them carelessly toss protocol and safety out the window.This type of Mechanic could cause you,your loved ones or even your vehicle more harm than good.Thank you for your interest in me and I do hope I someday have the opportunity to be your light in the darkness when all you really need is an honest reliable person on your side 100% of the journey until its completion.
Walton, KY
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25 years of experience in auto repair.
New Rochelle, NY
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Graduate with a 4.0 GPA and cars and trucks 25 years experience