6ya is reinventing the way we get help on the things we own. Technology is everywhere and it can be challenging and frustrating to properly use and enjoy the things we work so hard to buy.

6ya provides Expert help on practically anything in a matter of seconds. You no longer need to wait on hold for tech support, talk to automated representatives or listen to scripted answers that don't solve your problem. Our app seamlessly connects you with real repair professionals by voice or video on your smartphone so you can have instant tech relief.

Not everyone has the hours to spend looking up possible fixes...TechCrunch

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A concierge repair service that wants to be "a Genius Bar for your entire life."TheWeek
What people need "is the ability to instantly connect with someone"...TIME
Takes the frustration out of many common repairs by connecting users with experts"...AdWeek
It’s for anyone that needs something repaired"...iDigitalTimes